January 14, 2017

5 Metallic Lipsticks to Exchange Your Matte Ones For

metal liquid lipstick

Trends tend to ping pong between extreme opposites. If you were observant at how matte lipsticks had their time in the sun, you shouldn’t be surprised that metallic lipsticks are slowly taking over.

Although not new and something that became in style during the ’90s, the resurgence of the metallic lip follows our obsession with highlighting. As Allure puts it, “Metallic lipsticks are basically highlighting for your lips.” If matte lipsticks gave you that pout by giving a fleshy and filled appearance, a metallic lip plumps up your puckers by catching the light and giving it a multi-dimensional lift. I can also see how the lipstick would be more appropriate for the summer months with that wet, glossy appearance.

Sure, a lip gloss on top whatever lipstick you currently have can do the trick. Today’s metallic lip, though, is more pigmented. It’s more about that robotic, opaque shine rather than a soft sheen. If you dare and want to switch up your current stash, you can go ahead with these five metallic liquid lipsticks.

Lancôme Le Metallique

lancome le mettalique

One of the newest players in the game, Lancôme beat out other metallic liquid lipsticks by producing a range that features every other color imaginable. From a royal blue worthy of a parade to a vivid pink, these ones are more than ready for a party. Available via Sephora.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Metal

jeffree star

Jeffree’s YouTube empire has helped make his two-year old brand into a cult favorite. Banking on the credibility of his velour liquid lipsticks, these metal versions boasts of the same comfortable wear along with the guarantee of being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The only setback is how there is a limited shade range. Available online.

Kylie Cosmetics Metals

kylie cosmetics

I know, I know. But how can I not include this in the list? One of the first lines to foresee the trend coming, (Oh, how does Kylie realize such things?) these liquid lipsticks may have mixed reviews but they do make for a collector’s item in your vanity. Available  online.

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lip

colourpop metal

If you are still a bit hesitant to go full-on with the trend, this line from color pop mostly consists of neutral to pinkish shades. It’s not a far cry from your usual shiny lip gloss and can be used easily on the center of the lips for a sophisticated nude lip. Available online.

TooFaced Melted Metal


The metal iterations of one of TooFaced’s sought-out products  are also another option for those who just prefer a pearly sheen. Just be ready to re-touch as these don’t last long on the lips and can be a little slippery in texture. Available via Sephora PH.

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