January 10, 2017

Meet Bess Kalb: The Woman Who Sons Donald Trump on the Daily

If you do not know who Bess Kalb is, you should. I could go on about how she is a screenwriter, oh, for a few TV shows you might be familiar with like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. What I want to commend her on is how she replies to Donald Trump‘s tweets almost every single day.

She doesn’t just call him names or just hate tweets him. No, she’s clever and she pokes fun at his contradicting sentiments. It has even made me think that, hey, since Twitter is indeed meant for free and public conversation, one must tweet Donald Trump every day.

When another Twitter user tried to defend The Donald with an inappropriate meme, she went in on him mercilessly.


Beware, trolls. Bess Kalb isn’t holidng back any punches. Another commendable thing about Bess is how she continues to be a beacon of hope and humor despite the fact that Donald has already won the election. I’m just going to also let it dawn on you that his inauguration is only over a little half a week away.

Bess also writes for GQThe New Yorker, and Wired. She also believes that she is the reason why Hillary lost the election because of the jokes she wrote for her during her Al Smith’s Dinner. We don’t think it’s quite so, Bess. As long as you tweet back what’s what to @realDonaldTrump, we’ll keep rooting for you.



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