December 21, 2016

What Does It Take to Make a Celebrity Wedding?

If 2016 taught us one thing about weddings, it’s to go big or else, don’t even bother. We’re then seeing how Anne CurtisColeen Garcia, and even Tricia Gosingtian are closing out this celebrity wedding-filled year with big engagements. Good start! The stage is set for these two and the cameras and social media feeds are more than ready to capture the run up to their big day.

We don’t know how these stars will pull off their big day. For all we know, they could pull a small wedding ala Keira Knightley in a Chanel jacket. If they choose to do as their peers have done, this is how we suggest they do it.

#1 Keep everyone guessing

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Bridesmaid squad 👰👰👰 #theburnands

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Take for example how Georgina Wilson had her big day and it was a surprise for most of us. I was just having a normal day at work when my feed was suddenly awash in their wedding photos. Surprises have the maximum pull on social media and the full effect of how something big is happening.

#2 Have an out-of-the-country bachelorette party

Isabelle Daza’s #Bellechorette set a certain standard with those personalized bikinis and Marni sandals as she and her entourage enjoyed massages and more in Bali.

#3 Get a hashtag

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico had #SosBolz, Cristalle Belo Henares and Justin Pitt had #PITTurePerfect, Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand have #TheBurnands. You get what we’re trying to say. It also makes it easier to track down an unflattering photo!

#4 Assemble the dream team

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#SelfieGoals #SosBolz

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See how Solenn did it: from the gown to the videographer to the reception music, the people she booked were nothing short of the A-Team. Get the professionals to make sure not a hair is out of place during your wedding.

#5 Requirement for the guests? Star status

The stylish bunch at Georgina’s wedding should give you an idea on who to include in the guest list. From your equally popular and accomplished friends to your influencer buddies, everyone should be there. Designer wear, required.

#6 Have a Kleenex-worthy wedding video

Remember the tear-jerker video of Isabelle and Adrien?  If you’re not up for something focused so much on the groom and bride, have this mini-tour of Italy thanks to Justin and Cristalle. Either way, you’ll cry at the beauty of love and tourist destinations.

Bonus: Follow it up with a baby!

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#belleadrien2016 x #theburnands plus a bump❤️

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When you’re not yet over the high of the wedding bells, the best newsmakers know how to stay on your feed. Georgina Wilson had her surprise announcement and quickly followed up with her fun baby shower soon after she spoke her vows. Looks like baby Archie has a mother who knows how to set them up for the limelight.


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