Solenn Heussaff Teaches Followers About Rape and Consent

solenn heussaff

What was a typical promotion post for Solenn Heussaff’s latest TV appearance turned into a short lecture on rape and consent for her followers. And we’re right here on the scrolling sidelines aggressively liking her comments.

Solenn posted a teaser for GMA’s Karelasyon where she plays a liberated woman named Chantal who was gang-raped in the show.

An unwitting follower commented on the post saying, “A woman should not put herself in a compromising situation,” promoting the ideas of victim-shaming.

Solenn didn’t hold back and tagged the follower saying how rape is never justified, regardless of the appearance of the woman.

She also tagged another follower, whose comment beforehand appears to be now deleted, telling her about consent.

The short exchange has been followed up by many comments by other followers, mostly women who are also educating other women that rape is never the victim’s fault. As per usual, the comment thread is your pocket-sized glimpse into the dark side of humanity with bits of internalized misogyny and rape culture. Although many comments do agree with Solenn’s stand and have also taken to tell other fellow followers what’s what.

All we can say here is: Solenn uses her comments section to educate people. Solenn does not bash them. Solenn defends those victims without a voice. Be like Solenn. I hope we can say the same thing about other people on social media. You know who we’re giving the side-eye to.


Photo courtesy of Solenn Heussaff’s Instagram page

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