September 07, 2016

7 Reasons Why We’ll Always Love Lea Salonga

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Growing up, Lea Salonga already captivated my fascination. Here’s a talented woman who made a name and a career abroad with her passion. A 1991 Tony Award didn’t hurt and being two Disney Princesses was definitely why she’s the best throughout my young female existence.

Fast-forward to today and Lea’s past the need of personal branding, self-hype, and the #Instahoe culture every other celebrity has got working for her. It’s already 2016, a good two decades or so since she started and people are still going gaga over tickets to see her live. Her latest stage project, Fun Home is set to show this November and tickets are officially on-sale. We here are considering getting a ticket as our early pre-Christmas gift.

So why and how do we love Lea exactly? Let me count the ways.

#1 She does have it all
Despite our changing and growing definitions of what “having it all” means, Lea managed to pull off being successful in her career and then leading a sincere family life with Rob Chien. The fairytale of this woman went past the big screen and into real life.

#2 That cool pixie cut
When we caught up with Lea that one time, she said she really didn’t put much thought into the pixie cut she’s rocking. No effort means giving these long-haired younglings a run for their money.

A photo posted by Lea Salonga (@msleasalonga) on Aug 12, 2016 at 3:17am PDT



#3 Her OTT antics on The Voice

Call it whatever you want but when she sings spontaneously to get a contestant on her team, it gives us major chills. It also showed how much she really believed in a person’s talent. Now that can’t be faked.      


#4 Her blunt attitude on Twitter

Unlike some celebrities who would rather keep mum on sensitive topics, Lea gives one-line zingers on Twitter when she wants to. Recently, she called out some of the boorish attitudes people bring to the theater. No apologies from this lady.

#5 She’s always going to be a Disney princess
She’s Mulan and she’s Jasmine. I really don’t need to say more.

#6 Sana Maulit Muli
Before Popoy and Basha, there was Lea and Aga. The ’90s couldn’t have produced a better gem.

#7 She’s still hustlin’
Other people who’s achieved something similar to Lea’s accolades would be sipping on a piña colada on the beach far away. But Lea’s always in a constant groove. Last year, she was on-stage with George Takei, she bagged an endorsement deal with Japanese clothing favorite Uniqlo this year, and as we mentioned, she’s hitting the stage once more for Fun Home this November.


Photo courtesy of Lea Salonga’s Instagram

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