Here’s Why I Don’t Let My Kids Use Gadgets Regularly

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Each night, as our family eats at the dinner table, my son, who is in third grade, actively engages us in conversation on what went on at school and play. He asks us questions about life in general and is most curious about current events. A good example of this is his sudden interest in the current President and says, “He is a very strict one, right?!”

As a family who does not own a television at home, my husband and I get our news updates from the World Wide Web and my son, who is protected from media, hears news bits from friends and occasionally from our next door neighbors. (I certainly hope that he gets the age-appropriate versions!)

Why do we do this? Many people have asked me why we make our lives more complicated? My son doesn’t own an iPad or watch cartoons regularly like most of the kids do. It’s because I want him to experience the world as it is—beautiful, intrinsically good, and true. I understand the truth that nature is kind of like a healing school. Without technological toys, he is forced to do real play, go out and discover like how we used to when we were younger. Being out in the garden and communing with the elements, watching the birds, bees, snails, caterpillars is even more exciting and nourishing to the soul than playing video games. Why tarnish what is already so beautiful and pure to begin with? My children’s drawings and their imagination are richer and more colorful than any movie can portray. I find that gadgets are simply unnecessary at their age and detrimental, to be honest.

It is a very challenging yet noble task to raise mindful children. In a world where fear, pain, and suffering are constant themes being fed to us, it is so utterly refreshing to unplug and let ourselves be reminded of the natural beauty of our world. Many days, it is my kids that lifts my spirits by spreading positive vibes by being in the moment, letting loose in art, and play without judgements. Oh, what joy! Truly, there is so much that one can do without adding to the global drama.

I came across a genuine and humorous line one evening, “No drama, no karma” which I translate as being able to control your reality through your thoughts and emotions. If we can teach our children this powerful secret, the capacity to manifest the formula of good consciousness by loving acts of kindness and gently treading the earth, then we ourselves are the change we need for our world to transform for the better.

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