Now That Bongbong Has Cursed His Alleged Cheaters, Can We Just Move On?

If you’re  having a good morning, this bit of news might just ruin it for you. In a recent press conference, Bongbong Marcos shares to his real feelings about the alleged cheating that cost him the vice-presidency.

Yes, the Senator said “walang hiya” just like your average scorned Joe (or is it average Juan?)

He follows up on how he’s happy over the support he’s beeing getting from Rodrigo Duterte.

Rodrigo believes Ferdinand Marcos should be buried in the Libigan ng mga Bayani and recognizes the former dictator as a soldier too.

Bongbong is also looking forward to the “seat being kept warm for me,” pertaining to the Cabinet position Rodrigo is said to be saving for the political scion.

Since that’s settled, can we move on to bigger issues now? It seems Bongbong is happy since he seems to be favored by the incoming president more than the new vice-president Leni Robredo.

You may roll your eyes now.


Photo courtesy of Bongbong Marcos’ official Facebook page

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