May 31, 2016

How Does Coleen Garcia Keep Her Youthful Glow

coleen garcia preen youthful glow

We all know her as the baby-faced actress and host we see on TV. But there’s no denying that Coleen Garcia’s youthful image—her innocent smile and dimples—is one of the most admired in the industry. At the same time, it gets people asking whether she’s bathing in the fountain of youth everyday. She’s young, we know, but to not look like a day older? There has got to be a secret there.

And because of her youthful image, she was chosen as the new face for F&C Jewelry. We caught up with her during the launch yesterday and she lets us in on her beauty routine and other details on how she’s keeping that youthful glow and energy. After this, maybe we’ll stop looking for the coveted fountain of youth and just follow her tips.

#1 Keeping it simple
“I like browns. I don’t really do loud lips or colors anymore, [except when I’m] at shoots or nighttime events… I can actually go out during the day just wearing mascara because once my eyes are open and my lashes are curled, it gives the illusion that you’re very much awake and fresh. For that, I use either Maybelline or MAC. [I also like] to keep it simple when it comes to my fashion choices so that I can accessorize more.”

#2 How she keeps her makeup look fresh all day
“[For base,] I usually use Belo BB Cream and Belo Sunblock because they mattify [my skin]. It’s not greasy at all.”

#3 Going organic
“I changed [my skincare routine] this year. [I use] 100 percent organic products when it comes to skincare now because there are a lot of products out there that contain parabens, allergens, and a lot of things that are really bad for your skin and can cause sickness. [I think that] when it comes to what I wear underneath my makeup and at home, I’ll go for what keeps me healthy.”

#4 Her go-to lippies
“I try different brands of lip balms and lipsticks, but I usually go for MAC because I think it’s really the best.”

#5 Exercising regularly
“It’s good to sweat out all the toxins, especially if you don’t feel so fresh. And apart from the fact that it keeps you fit, it also keeps you healthy. Especially if you want to keep your cardiovascular health in check, you really need to exercise for that.”


Photo courtesy of Coleen Garcia’s Instagram


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