May 12, 2016

Preen Asks: Are You Loving Instagram’s New Makeover?

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It finally happened. We may have dodged the update that’s supposed to ruin our chronological Instagram feeds, but we did get a major change. Just last night, Instagram announced that they will be introducing a new look to everyone, and a few hours later, boom! The logo turned from the vintage brown camera to a flatter, more minimalist rainbow-colored one to put a “modern” spin. Not only that, our blue and white feeds became black and white.

When they said change was coming, we certainly didn’t expect this to happen.

While a lot of people have already criticized the new logo and interface―The New York Times even calls it “The Great Instagram Logo Freakout of 2016“―we also did some digging on what people really think of the new update. (And if you want to join in, you can also answer our Twitter poll.)

Grace De Luna
Graphic Artist, Scout Magazine
“I kinda like the new update. The black and white makes us focus more on the photos. As for the gradient logo, I like it because… I like gradient colors.”

Paolo Tabuena
“It’s weird how it has a rainbow logo but when you open it, it doesn’t have any color.”

Nimu Muallam
Creative Director, Hinge Inquirer Publications
“I like its current look because I’m more of a minimalist type. [As for the logo,] I don’t like it because I think the retro-themed one looks better. It’s like an intern made it.”

Lex Celera
“Personally, I like the black and white, but I don’t like the logo. That’s my main beef. It’s a good thing I’m an Android phone user because the logo is still the same. In that way, I know what [the app] is because I’ve been so used to it.”

Jacque De Borja
Managing Editor,
“I love how the new interface looks clean and less cluttered, especially now that it’s black and white. The logo is another story. I kinda don’t like it.”

Olivia Estrada
Editorial Assistant,
“The logo ticks me off. I wish they went with the minimalist feel.”

Patrick Segovia
Photographer, Hinge Inquirer Publications
“It looks blah. I mean, it matches my feed because my photos are black and white. But yeah, it’s blah. it’s a cheap knock-off on an app, like they didn’t make an effort.”

Denise Alcantara
Managing Editor, Northern Living, Southern Living, and Cebu Living
“Well, my logo hasn’t changed yet. But so far, for me, it’s more seamless. Like, it goes with the entire user interface of the new software of Apple―not sure how it works for Android, but the design is seamless. It’s minimalist, less fluff, and clean.”

Gaby Novenario
Editorial Assistant, Forbes, Darmariñas, and Makati Leads
“I like that [the layout’s] cleaner and has less color. I like that the buttons are really minimal. What’s really freaking me out is the colorful logo. I like that it’s simple, I just don’t think I would choose those colors for Instagram.”

Edric Dela Rosa
Art Director, Hinge Inquirer Publications
“I think it’s outdated, both the logo and the black and white layout. When Jonathan Ive released the whole Apple redesign plan, everybody said that it’s too bright. And now Instagram went in that direction as well [with their new logo]. It’s sh*tty.”

Dorothy Guya
Graphic Artist,
“After the initial shock wore off, I actually like the new update. The previous UI was okay, but this new one actually helps you focus more on the users’ photos which I think is what Instagram was going for. It looks less busy and cluttered. The logo is a different story, though. I don’t know what to feel about it.”


Screencap from Instagram’s blog

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