May 12, 2016

Guess How Many Times Blac Chyna Said ‘OMG’ After Receiving Rob Kardashian’s Surprise

Somebody wants to overthrow Kanye West in the grand gesture department and it’s none other than her brother-in-law Robert Kardashian. We all know how Kanye loves to shower Kim with a lot of things and we mean, a lot. But now that we’re seeing Rob go big on surprises, we’re starting to think this seems to run in the family, particularly the men.

Yesterday, Blac Chyna celebrated her 28th birthday and ChyMoji launch (don’t ask) at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood and right after the party, she got home to a kitchen filled with flowers from her man. Twenty eight different bouquets with cards attached to them to, obviously, celebrate her 28 years on this earth.

And Blac knows that if you don’t post on Snapchat, then it didn’t happen—so duh, that’s how we all found out about it. You can audibly hear her say “oh my god!” repeatedly as she shows off all the flowers and cake she got from Rob.

It’s not doubt that was quite a turnaround from that time Rob re-gifted Kendall’s birthday gift to no other than Blac Chyna. I guess his sister taught him a lesson or two!

[Refinery 29]


Photo courtesy of Blac Chyna’s Instagram account

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