April 27, 2016

Yikes! A Study Has Found that More Bed Bugs Live In Dark Sheets

dark bedsheets bedbugs preen

We hope you’re not lying on a bed with red or purple sheets right now as a recent study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology has found that pesky bed bugs prefer to inhabit sheets with darker hues.

And yes, by inhabit we mean where they lay their eggs and wreak havoc by nibbling at you while you sleep. This is like the stuff of horror movies if you think about it.

In the study, scientists found that bed bugs preferred to hide in red, black, purple, violet, blue, and orange sheets. These colors are also not limited to just bedsheets, your dark-colored couch may fall victim to this as well.

But fret not because these insects will not bother you if you use bright colors like yellow, green, and white. The co-author of the study, Roberto Pereira, even reassures us in a CNN interview. “We joked that we are all going to buy bright yellow luggage bags because the bedbugs seem not to prefer them, or not prefer laying eggs on them.”

Hey, at least we don’t have to spend a lot for insecticide, right?



Photo courtesy of DH Gate

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