April 05, 2016

Watch Right Now: An Unofficial Teaser Trailer of ‘The Killing Joke’


batman the joker the killing joke teaser trailer preen

If you’re feeling what Ben Affleck did over the sad reviews of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, then this might put a smile on your face. An unofficial trailer to Batman: The Killing Joke the animated movie adaptation of perhaps the most famous Batman story has been released.
The source of the video is unknown, but the quality of the video leaves little to doubt that it is not at least close to the official version and will get you excited over the film even more.

The trailer is also accompanied by a 10-minute feature that delves into the impact of The Killing Joke in comic book lore and pop culture.

Set for release later  this year, The Killing Joke  is set to excite not only comic book fans but those who are just in it for a suspense story. It is also many of the upcoming Batman movies as The Lego Batman Movie will be released in Feb 2017.

[The Huffington Post]


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