February 18, 2016

How Can You Preserve Your Skin’s Elasticity As You Grow Older?

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As we age, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging slowly catch up on us. Try as we might to avoid them  with moisturizers and other skincare products, we tend to forget that these problems aren’t just rooted in dehydration or too much sun exposure. These are all related to a very important quality in your skin: elasticity.

Skin elasticity refers to two things according to dermatologist Dr. Michael Chua of Imperial Derm Clinic. “Scientifically and literally, skin elasticity refers to the skin’s ability to ‘bounce’ back to its normal form upon mechanical stretching. Cosmetically though, it refers to the sagging of the skin.”

Either way, your skin’s ability to retain its tight and youthful appearance declines and gives rise to dryness and unwanted lines and blemishes. This is normal because  Dr. Michael tells us that there are two major factors of decreased skin elasticity. One of them is intrinsic and normal aging. The other is the one that causes real issues: “Photoaging or aging because of external factors, like excessive sun exposure, chemicals, and smoking, [can speed up the process of sagging skin],” shares Dr. Michael. And this can be the real culprit since some of us aren’t aware of it even if the smallest changes in our routine can reverse the damage.

Here are five ways you can preserve your skin’s elasticity.

#1 Get a head’s start
If you’re still in your 20’s and thinking that you shouldn’t be concerned about this just yet, think again. Dr. Michael tells us that you should start preserving your skin’s elasticity as early as possible. “Skin changes begin to happen in your 20’s and drastically [change further] in your 30’s so this is the best time to start becoming conscious. Prevention is key.”

#2 Be wary when the sun is out
One basic and easy way to prevent skin aging and decreased elasticity is upping your sunblock application.”Not applying sunblock while getting exposed to the sun is still the biggest mistake [people make],” shares Dr. Michael. Another mistake is how we aren’t aware of how some of the  ingredients in our your makeup products can have bad effects on our skin. “Using cosmetic products like makeup with a lot of preservatives and harmful chemicals is also a culprit,” he notes.

#3 Know what’s good for you
“When looking for anti-aging products, always look for ingredients like tretinoin or retinol, alpha hydroxyacids like glycolic acic, citric acid, lactic acid, and malic acid,” Dr. Michael tells us. He also makes note of other key ingredients to watch out for in our skincare routines: “Antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E are also important.”

#4 Eat right
It is not enough that you load up on essential vitamins and minerals your skincare products; you have to make sure you are consuming them through the food you eat. Dr. Michael reminds us that  “foods that are rich in antioxidants like the usual fruits and vegetables are beneficial.”

#5 Try trusted treatment
If you feel that it’s too late for you in terms of saving your skin’s elasticity, there’s still hope. Dr. Michael advises how there are several different procedures out there that can improve sagging skin. “There are procedures such as lasers, and machines that use radiofrequency, ultrasound and infrared to tighten the skin.” One new procedure you can try is Thermilift from Belo Medical Group which uses injectable radiofrequency to target sagging skin on a deeper level for long-lasting effects. Many more are available out there, all catering to different needs. Just make sure that they are performed by a board-certified skin specialist.


Photo courtesy of Glass Magazine

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