January 08, 2016

Reality Check: Powerful Women Are Neither Crazy Nor Desperate For Attention


Meryl Streep as powerful fashion editor Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada

Meryl Streep as powerful fashion editor Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada


In this day and age, successful women have no room for error, but somehow has to make more room for endless unnecessary criticisms hurled towards them. For example, when Taylor Swift messed up last year, people were quick to pounce her because they finally found a flaw in her success.

What is it with people who assume the worst about women who carry themselves confidently, especially when they’re in power and have done well for themselves? Is it intimidation? Crab mentality? Jealousy? Or are they just being shitty people in general?

Maybe this whole thing’s a byproduct of thinking that men (still) run the show. After all, it’s said that women often get jealousy-induced rage when they’re in the presence of a successful woman, while men find it emasculating when women are surpassing their ranks.

But reality check: They don’t. Not anymore.

Whatever it is, the hate needs to stop because let’s face it: women are on top because we hustled to get where we are now while society was too busy picking on our imperfections amid our successes. And to help people get over their tirades against the female co-worker or lady-boss they despise so much, here are four misconceptions that are often associated with women of power that we should all refrain from saying:


#1 “She’s crazy!”

When a woman is highly intelligent and has no problem speaking her mind, she is often labeled as a  crazy person, and is never taken seriously. Case in point: Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago who has been repeatedly called insane, and was called “Brenda” (short for brain-damaged) by those who couldn’t handle (or understand) her sharp wit. She’s currently in the running to be the next President this year, and is considered one of the most influential people on social media as of the moment.

Think: if Miriam never asserted any bravery to call people out and to say what was needed when it was needed, she wouldn’t be as notable as she is now. It’s not about being crazy, it’s about taking a risk to achieve something.

Now who was it that said that all the best people were bonkers?


#2 “She’ll be single forever”

A strong, independent woman can function well with or without a man. She doesn’t need a man to save her and buy her pretty things because she can do that for herself, nor does she need dating advice from someone who thinks that being single is the worst thing ever next to global warming.

She’d rather complete her education or gun for that well-deserved promotion than catch a guy’s eye. And if it happens, the right guy who can keep up with her will come along–just ask Michelle Obama–and if it doesn’t, there’s no love lost there.


#3 “She has no soul”

Whoa, there. Just because she’s extra serious at work and always scolds you doesn’t mean she’s a robot, or worse, the spawn of the devil.

Friendly reminder: she’s a human being who has emotions too, just like you do. She’s probably going through a rough break-up, barely survived horrible traffic, or is just stressed from scolding her subordinates who aren’t following instructions properly.

Chill out, and give her a break, would you?


#4 “She just likes the attention”

Just like the rest of us lowly humans, she’s doing her job, and when she does it well, she gets recognition because that’s how life works. She’s not working for anyone’s attention, especially not yours, so don’t flatter yourself. And again, it’s about being a strong, independent woman.

Instead of putting her down, how about trying to work hard on getting your own promotion and subsequent raise too?


Photo courtesy of The Devil Wears Prada

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