See What Toni and Paul Soriano and 9 Other Celeb Couples Wear on Date Nights

There’s nothing like being in love—especially when the two of you look great together. And while a sense of style shouldn’t be a prerequisite before coupling up, let’s be real: It sure helps.

However, if you and your S.O. aren’t quite in sync yet when it comes to the wardrobe department, fret not—that’s what celebrity couples are there for. Not only are they pretty to look at, they also dole out helpful pointers for us regular folk when it comes to dressing for date night.

To prove it, we’ve rounded up 10 couples who prove that the couple who shops together…look really good on social media together:

Isabelle Daza & Adrien Semblat

Belle and Adrien are arguably one of the most genetically blessed duos in town, period. Throw anything at them, and they would still make it look damn good. Belle strolled in the Metrowear Luxe Event in a Vania Romoff gown that was both youthful and ultra-femme (courtesy of the bow in front). Adrien, who is certainly no red-carpet rookie, went for the classic midnight-navy suit and brown shoe combo.

Toni and Paul Soriano

The newly wed lovebirds explored old wooden buildings and teahouses in Kyoto in their fall essentials. Both of them went for an easy-going street style with zip-front jackets and matching black hats that would not have them worry about the occasional chilly winds.

Bea & Eric Dee

Bea Soriano and hubby Eric Dee are the definition of relationship goals. As they have their Saturday brunch in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, leave it to the couple to prove that wearing navy and black does not require much effort. Oh, look! Even baby Braeden seems to already pick up daddy and mommy’s obsession with crisp white sneakers.

Sara Grace Kelly & Jake Cuenca

Hats off to Sara and Jake, who have become very much in sync to match from head to toe. The coordinated couple donned all-noir cool combos. Sometimes, keeping it simple pays off, right?

Dani Baretto & Mikyle Quizon

While strolling local tourist spots, the couple toned down the glam and made basics look cool. For weekends when all you want to do is kick back, enjoy the weather and unwind, soft and breathable fabrics (plus an effortless bed-head) will definitely come in handy.

Tricia & Gab Valenciano

Time to let loose and have twice as fun as Tricia and Patti Grandidge-Herrera, along with their partners, spontaneously headed to Petty Cash LA to grab some Mexican bites and soft-serve ice cream (talk about the ideal way to cap the night off). As they hit the town, both the men injected a sense of individuality into their wardrobes by opting for casual graphic pullover for Gab and tee for John Herrera, while the ladies went for playful yet understated options to show off their fashionable personalities.

Maricar & Richard Poon

The young married couple appears to have perfected the art of tandem dressing at Bench’s Fashionable Filipinas event as Richard Poon remains to be a true gentleman by matching his barong Tagalog to his refined wife, dressed in her own interpretation of the classic terno.

Martine Cajucom & Cliff Ho

Spotted at a tennis court in Australia, the couple knows how to play in the middle of a tough sweat session. Martine looked flawless as she gears up with a fitted tank, sleek leggings, and some comfortable running shoes—proving that her sporty side is just as stylish. It seems that she is winning the game already against Cliff who was in a classic white tennis shirt and beige shorts.

Maxene Magalona & Robby Mananquil

Whether they are dressing up as John and Yoko for Halloween or going to Mr. Ben Cabrera’s 50th year celebration, the power duo knows how to wear simple and sleek silhouettes. We are in love with Maxene’s striking hand-woven straw clutch, but Robby doesn’t look too shabby either with his sleek all-black look.

Solenn Heussaff & Nico Bolzico

The It-girl and her beau stopped for an OOTD mirror selfie. Whether dressing up for a weekend date night or hitting the town with her girl squad, take a tip from Solenn on how the right power handbag (see her sport her Chloé Marcie satchel) can make an outfit look a bit more special. On their date night, she opted for a polished look with blush tones and a loose low ponytail while Nico picked out a basic white button-down shirt and paired it with well-cut trousers.



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