November 05, 2015

Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas Just Split

Joe Jonas Gigi Hadid Preen
Another day, another breakup. Today, it’s G.I. Joe’s turn—that’s Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas for you.
After dating for five months, the two have broken up, but thankfully not on messy terms. A source for People reports, “Joe and Gigi’s relationship recently ended. Nothing serious happened… it wasn’t a dramatic breakup. It was just hard to make it work with their schedules. They will definitely remain friends.”
Damn, it’s that S-word, again. But given how Gigi is the most in-demand model right now, having recently booked this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and Joe is the touring band guy he’s always been, it’s not difficult to see how work gets in the way.
But, hey. This means less third-wheeling moments for BFF Kendall Jenner, at least. (That leaves just Kylie and Tyga for her to be a hanger-on with.)
Kendall Jenner Gigi Hadid Joe Jonas Preen

Photo courtesy of E! Online

Just hours after the news, Joe was seen out and about at a hotel party, looking pretty much in high spirits. Whether or not this is an indication of how well he took the breakup, we can say that he’s looking extra fine. (Same goes for you, Gigi.)
Photo courtesy of Olan Kowasinski

Photo courtesy of Olan Kowasinski

Photo courtesy of ET Online
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