It’s not too late to learn a new skill or two at an interactive talk

Our goal every year is to learn at least one skill that would be useful in our personal and professional lives. You don’t have to be a master in all of them, but it still helps to be knowledgeable so you can apply it to any task when it’s necessary.

Today, there are online courses and even YouTube tutorials you can invest time in to expand your skillset. But nothing beats learning from speakers who know their stuff in a live and interactive seminar.

If you feel the same way, then you better free up your Saturday (Oct. 12) for this year’s Scout Creative Talks at Samsung Hall. We’re breaking down the featured categories and how you can apply them IRL. We only have a few months left before 2019 ends, so it’s not too late!

Content creation

In today’s social media-focused world, content creation has become a lucrative career for many, be it in publication or via various platforms like Instagram or YouTube. If you want to know the ins and outs of making content that matches your interests and maybe earn cash, model LA Aguinaldo will share his insight as a vlogger and influencer with over 456,000 followers.


Are you starting your own business? It’s important you know what will work for your brand and how you can market your wares and/or services to customers. Sunnies Studios group brand manager for eyewear Coco Quizon and Sunnies Face co-founder and brand manager Jess Wilson are ready to teach you the basics based on their own experiences in beauty, fashion, and food.


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to learn from Mark Nicdao. Taking photos with your phone or camera daily is fun, and knowing how to properly frame your subject and edit them might make it more enjoyable for you. Who knows? It might help level up your online content creation.


If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel for your travel vlogs and other fun content, it’s important you know how to tell a story and find new ways to film. You might get valuable insight from filmmaker Petersen Vargas, who’s best known for “2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten.”


Want to try your hand at sewing and designing? Carl Jan Cruz, a designer who’s presented his collections at Milan Fashion Week, will be ready to talk about his creative process and how you too can make clothes.


Art comes in many forms and again, you don’t have to be experienced to dabble in it. Heck, you can even be a casual sketcher but still be open to learn from a well-known artist like Yeo Kaa, who’s known for her colorful cartoony paintings and figures. You might even discover how much you love art once her talk is over.


Interested in attending Scout Creative Talks 2019? Get your tickets here before they get sold out!


Photos courtesy of “Scout Magazine

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