Airport fashion 101 from your favorite Kpop stars


Kpop idols are known for their impeccable fashion sense, especially with on-stage outfits. But what non-Kpop stans don’t know is that the place where fans look forward to outfits the most is: the airport.

Idol airport fashion is a thing. A very big thing. Korean fashion blogs are all about what these idols wear when traveling, and fans have dedicated Instagram and Twitter accounts solely for what idols wear when travelling, coining the term “Idol Airport Runway.”

Airport fashion is so popular that there are even times when it matters more than red carpet events. And you can clearly see how the idols take it seriously as well.

There are hundreds of Kpop idols who dress flawlessly in this “Idol Airport Runway,” and it was definitely a challenge to pick just a few. But we’ve managed to narrow down some of our top airport idols. Check them out.

Lisa, Blackpink

Lisa’s ability to make the most casual of clothes look so stylish and sophisticated has always been her gift. This crop top and jeans ensemble is so effortlessly fashionable, making the black and white statement loafers stand out perfectly. Don’t even get me started on that purse.


RM of BTS always embodies art in his fashion choices. His love for museums and paintings has reflected how he dresses on the daily, like this patchwork cardigan for example. It ties the whole look together on top of the brown suede jacket, loose pants, and brown leather bag. His chunky sneakers and silver hair add a nice pop to the whole look.

Hwasa, Mamamoo

Big, bold, and sexy. Those are the three words I would always describe Hwasa of Mamamoo, and this outfit is no exception. Her red cropped sweater and bucket hat gives you stylish street and comfy at the same time, but the real star of the show are those Alexander Wang boxers on full display under unbuttoned and unzipped acid-washed ripped jeans.

Mingyu, Seventeen

Fans of Seventeen’sMingyu have been wanting their idol to go into modeling for ages now, and he finally did. His amazing fashion sense brought him to the Seoul Fashion Week runway last year, which is why everything he wears wherever he goes always makes him look like he’s about to walk the walk⎯even with this yellow plaid coat as he casually waits in the airport.

Taeyong, NCT

NCT’s Taeyong is known for his sophisticated edgy style, but is almost always about street fashion when he travels. His wide array of colorful beanies and sunglasses has had fans always watch out for what he will sport next. That yellow beanie with the keyring attached to it is a particular crowd favorite.


Japanese sweetheart Momo of TWICE never fails to rock the airport runway. This floral embroidery going on with her top is everything, not to mention her sleek bob. Her red backpack and Gucci belt just tie everything together perfectly.

Joy, Red Velvet

She is literally always a joy to see when she travels. Red Velvet’s Joy always has a smile on her face wherever she goes, making her looking eternally radiant whatever she wears. This is a particular favorite look of mine, the denim jumper dress paired with a red, blue, and white windbreaker is such a fun and comfy travel ensemble.


There’s only one queen of comfy, and it’s IU. This oversized denim jacket on top of an equally oversized sweater dress plus a beanie screams “I’m ready to sleep” but is still very stylish in every way. The Kpop princess is known to always love dressing for comfort and style when traveling, and we are absolutely living for this look.



Photo is courtesy of Red Velvet Looks’ Instagram account

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