Movies | April 17, 2017

Get to Know the Actors Who’ll Play the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Includes Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu, and our own Kris Aquino

Movies | April 17, 2017

Lady Gaga Is Filming Her New Movie at the Coachella Festival Grounds

Her Little Monsters are welcome to participate

Movies | April 7, 2017

‘Baka Bukas’ Director Talks LGBTQ Issues with ‘Nylon’

In time for the film's North American release

Movies | April 6, 2017

Some Ghosts Should Stay Ghosts: A ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Review

The much-maligned live-action remake should be the final nail in the whitewashing coffin

Movies | April 6, 2017

‘Bliss’ Finally Gets the R-18 Rating It Deserves

And director Jerold Tarog may be working on an R-16 version