Mikka Wee

Bless This Mess | 2 days ago

My “live-in” relationship experience

It wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies

Bless This Mess | June 16, 2018

How I’ve grown and evolved as a traveler

From rough backpacking to new-found luxuries

Bless This Mess | June 9, 2018

A love letter to Anthony Bourdain

“Thank you for teaching us how to eat well, to travel adventurously, and to live boldly.”

Bless This Mess | June 2, 2018

Three things I wish I did when I was 24

These aren’t things I regret, but rather, self-reminders on how to live life better

Bless This Mess | May 26, 2018

Here’s what I learned after 5 days of doing absolutely nothing

I definitely didn’t just stare at my ceiling

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