Iza Calzado

Feminism | May 22, 2017

Let Go of the #Fitspo: The Best Sound Bites from Preen Sessions on Body Positivity

What we learned from Iza Calzado, Iya Villania-Arellano, and the rest of our speakers

Women | May 16, 2017

How Iza Calzado, Iya Villania, and Coco Quizon Are Promoting Body Positivity

A few reasons why you should catch them at Preen Sessions

Movies | May 14, 2017

What Makes ‘Bliss’ So Intriguing and Mind-Numbing

It's a mindf*ck of a film, trust us

Movies | April 6, 2017

‘Bliss’ Finally Gets the R-18 Rating It Deserves

And director Jerold Tarog may be working on an R-16 version