B. Wiser

Sex and Sensibility | 4 days ago

Men Like Donald J. Trump Need to Give Up Toxic and Fragile Masculinity

It’s least likely to happen, but ask yourself, is this the kind of man you want your sons to be?

Sex and Sensibility | June 11, 2017

Does Misogyny in our Culture Really Allow Women to be Independent?

Something to reflect on in time for Independence Day

Sex and Sensibility | May 28, 2017

How to Be a Man in the World of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, and Rodrigo Duterte?

“Men who wear their toxic masculinity with pride are losers.”

Sex and Sensibility | May 21, 2017

B. Wiser on Female Empowerment and the Media

“The one thing I’ve learned while writing this column is that women truly are awesome and the male ego is such a fragile thing.”