Women | 4 days ago

How Sexist Was Vladimir Putin Toward Hillary Clinton?

"Every time I met with him, he would manspread."

Women | September 8, 2017

Get to Know the 46 Women Changing the World

Hillary Clinton, Selena Gomez, and Ellen DeGeneres star in Time's Firsts

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First Lady Brigitte Macron Said She Would Regret Not Marrying Husband Emmanuel

She speaks out about their huge age gap for the first time

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Why the Daughter of Kyrgyzstan’s President Is Speaking Out on the Sexualization of Breastfeeding Moms

"This body I've been given is not vulgar. It is functional, its purpose is to fulfil the physiological needs of my baby"

Women | July 28, 2017

Why We’re Not Okay with This US Women’s Mag Using Mulan’s Photo

To quote, “Mulan did not save all of China so ‘Cosmo’ could use her for a headline pic like this.”