Tisha Ramirez

Fashion Show | 1 day ago

Find Out How This Local Brand Prepared for NYFW

"An underwear show is not about the cut and form of each piece, it’s about how we can get the Bench Body image across."

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I Am an Introvert and This Is How I Deal With Social Situations

“Introverts can be warm, interested in other, and powerful in their own right.”

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These Duffle Bags Will Make Packing for Your Weekend Trip a Breeze

Use a minimalist bag for business trips and an expandable one if you tend to over pack

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Bluetooth Speakers That Give Your Phone That Extra Bass and Mobility

Keep your hands free while you paint your nails and clean out your closet

Celebrities | 3 days ago

Public Transportation Horror Stories Continue as Coleen Garcia Shares on Twitter

“I used to ride regular taxis alone every single day to get around, and on most days, they did not make me feel safe.”