April 17, 2018

Aside From Karma, Here Are Other Effects of Saturn in Retrograde

You can breathe a sigh of relief now that Mercury in retrograde is over. But people aren’t calming down just yet as Saturn retrograde begins today and will go on until Sept. 6.

According to Astrology King, Saturn in retrograde motion is “a time when karma is sorted out” and you should expect double dose of karma. Now this sounds scary but this also reminds people to be more aware of the traits that need “extra development.”

Just like any planetary occurrence, Saturn in retrograde can also affect one’s mood and different aspects of their life. Here’s what you should watch out for in the next few months.

Insecurity can cloud decisions

Astrological researcher Lynn Koiner said that Saturn in retrograde can cause you to feel insecure. Hence, it will make you “unable to accurately assess what can realistically be expected in any situation.” This will also cause you say “yes” when you should say “no” in activities or relationships that you won’t necessarily agree to.

Everything will feel slower

Bustle noted that you might feel stuck as Saturn in retrograde will make you want to take it slow. The best course of action is to find better methods and strategies to keep your productivity up and be able to finish your tasks in time.

Problems with technology

Are you having difficulties sending emails? Or are you having misunderstandings with someone you’re talking to online? It might be because of Saturn in retrograde. Golden Chennai explained on its website that “Saturn is commonly though to signify difficulties in communication.” Other problems that may arise are flight delays, sending a text to the wrong person, and sending an angry email out of impulse.

The tendency to figure things out

Bustle listed down the signs that will be most affected by Saturn in retrograde: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Cancer. The common denominator among the three is that people under those signs will feel the need to re-evaluate and reflect on certain things. Capricorns will assess their health and self-image, while Aquarians and Cancerians will think about their romantic relationships.

Make us feel more ambitious

Refinery29 offers a positive insight to Saturn in retrograde. Since the planet is now residing in Capricorn, which is known to be “the taskmaster of the Zodiac,” we’ll feel more motivated to work hard and make long-term plans happen. That said, expect to be more meticulous when it comes to money, reputation, and longevity. Don’t let the slow feeling of the retrograde get you down because: “By early September, you’ll get to bask in the triumph of all the hard work you put in.”


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