February 09, 2018

The One Where You Decorate Your Space Like Monica’s Apartment

Ever since Netflix Philippines made Friends available for streaming, everyone has become obsessed once again. Memes are popping up on my feeds, people are posting on Instagram Stories, and I’ve even seen behind-the-scenes photos on my Instagram explore page. I too decided to watch it again from start to finish and now that I’m done, I’m not sure what to do with myself. Jokes aside, one thing I loved about the show was Monica’s apartment. The one that almost everyone lived in at one point in the show. I always found it so colorful and homey, and organized (of course). If you’re a fan of the show too and what to dress up your space like Monica’s, shop the items below.

Friends Frame Deluxe Edition

Probably one of the most iconic pieces in Monica’s apartment is the gold frame hung on the door. One Etsy shop has answered your prayers of owning one. These frames are handmade and according to reviews, people love this item. Available on Etsy.

Pottery Barn Geo Circle Embroidered Pillow Cover

Phoebe may not have been a fan of Pottery Barn but for the sake of this story, we’re adding a few items from them. Spruce up your couch with a few colorful cases for your throw pillows. Buy them all in one color or cop all to mix and match. Available at Central Square.

West Elm Classic Café Dining Chair

Give your dining table a homey feel with some colorful wooden chairs. These are similar to the ones in the show that come in different colors like yellow and gray. Mix and match the shades that best fit your space. Available online.

Typo Bottle Opener Magnet

Decorate your fridge with a few magnets just like in the show. This one from Typo is also a bottle opener, which is perfect for when you have friends over for drinks. You can also use this to stick reminders on your fridge. Available at Greenbelt 5.

Crate&Barrel Cavett Patterned Wood Frame Ottoman

Complete your living room area with an ottoman. Depending on your seating area, find the perfect spot to put it. We suggest across your couch, in front of a coffee table. It also comes in different colors like blue and green. Available at SM Makati.


Art by Lara Intong

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