January 01, 2018

It Might Be Time For Some Social Media Spring Cleaning

Happy new year, everyone! Whether you’re waking up or just heading home from a party, it’s time to start the year fresh. Review the year that has passed and see how you can improve in 2018. Make practical goals for yourself and track your progress.

Before you start making resolutions, however, let’s start with something easy: cleaning out our social media accounts. Just like clearing out your closet, it’s time to hit unfollow on people who aren’t in our lives anymore. No, we don’t mean burning bridges completely but filtering through failed relationships and toxic friendships.

Your ex from years ago that you avoid in public? Boy, bye. Or your high school bff you drifted apart from for too many reasons? It might be time to say goodbye.

If you start scrolling through your following or friends lists, you might be overwhelmed by the number you see. Do you really interact with these 800+ people? Do you know them well enough to want to see their vacation photos or status updates? Probably not. You might even be surprised to see some names that don’t seem familiar to you anymore. People you may have met in passing but never really connected with.

Being bombarded with hundreds of posts and content from so many people can even leave some people feeling anxious.

It might seem tedious at first but eventually you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted and that you have a feed that is more about quality than quantity. So, on this first day of the year, we challenge you to a social media clean up. Are you up for it?


Art by Lara Intong

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