December 16, 2017

Why Your Succulents Deserve a Spot at the Christmas Dinner Table

It’s Christmas Eve next week and we’re sure you have your dinner party in the works. If you’re the one hosting your family’s gathering, there are a lot of things to be done. From picking out the menu to decorating your home, you might have forgotten about your table’s centerpiece. If you’re scrambling to find the right one, here are some quick and easy options you can execute on your own.

Christmas lights and ornaments

Here’s another hack for your Christmas lights, use them for your centerpiece. Fill glass bowls or vases with ornaments and other holiday-themed decors. Once you’re happy with the arrangements, add your Christmas lights. You can also use these decorations for your food table if your family’s dinner is buffet-style.

Small vases

If you’re throwing a more intimate dinner, you can go for a smaller scale centerpiece. Use metal and wire and glass vases to hold your favorite flowers. You can also use succulents to play with the height of the setup.

Flowers and bottles

For the ultimate DIY centerpiece, repurpose empty bottles you have at home. Find ones of different sizes and heights and paint them according to the color palette of your home. One the day of your party, fill them with flowers and branches, giving your table a rustic feel.

Chocolate and peppermint candies

Add sweets to your table with your centerpiece. You can use tall glass vases and fill them with peppermint candy and chocolate. Tie a ribbon around the vase and set them on your table. To make it more festive, add garlands or silver beads at the base.

Succulents on succulents

This centerpiece works best for those who already have a succulent collection growing in their garden. You can also opt to dress the vases with ribbons before lining them on the middle of your table.


Art by Lara Intong

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