October 20, 2017

What Does It Take to Be an It Girl?

The definition of an It girl changes with every generation. That’s why it’s hard to just pin down what makes an It girl. Once you get the title though, you’re always one even if your fan base isn’t what drives the mainstream anymore. They are also found in a huge range of preferences. Just think Alexa Chung is an It girl but so is Winona Ryder.

Currently, thanks to social media, the It girls are abound but the status is still hard to attain. When the ease of getting a huge number of followers is not a unique feat, you got to have something more. But what exactly? From today’s batch of It girls, here’s what we found.

#1 Have unique style 


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The first pre-requisite of being “it” is not being like everyone else. You have to stand out from the millions of OOTDs. Your style should be able to speak how versatile your taste is, how well you dissect culture, and how fast you can translate it to suit your style. Think of Rihanna and the way she can switch from Dior suits to being cozy in athleisure, and to wearing a dress with sneakers.

#2 Hang out with fellow It girls

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An It girl knows how to support a fellow It girl. Gone should be the notion that women must compete with one another to be with each other on top. An It girl needs at least one close friend who understands the craziness of it all, if not an entire #squad. There always has to be a Jordyn Woods to every Kylie Jenner and vice-versa.

#3 Do something 

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Celebrities these days don’t just rely on their name being up in lights. It’s all about marketing yourself as a brand. Sure, you’re famous but you need to have something more. Show off some serious skills, prove that you’re not just a smiling model on our feed. You’ve got more than talent but enough savvy make a business out of your name. Solenn Heussaff being a vlogger, painter, designer, model, host, and fitspo? Yep, you got it.

#4 Be mysterious 

All about my LA lifeeeeeeee🌵🌵🌵 📸 @deftmix

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With how everything is easily available and accessible, you need to learn how to keep it under wraps from time to time. Maintain an air of mystery around big events in your life. Think how Georgina Wilson kept us guessing right after the birth of Baby Archie and waiting for the first public photo. There has to be that balance of being relatable but with a promise that people don’t know everything. That’s how they will always want more.

#5  Don’t think it, Don’t sweat it

A post shared by Mai Cojuangco (@mai.cojuangco) on Aug 17, 2017 at 12:46am PDT

Mai Mai Cojuangco admitted how she was surprised to be labeled as an It girl. In our interview with her, she took the label in jest saying an It girl is “someone that guys would want to date, but will never ask out?” She never thought about the status. She was just It.


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