October 14, 2017

How Milliner Mich Dulce Fought Back the Man Who Groped Her Butt

Milliner and Grrrl Gang Manila’s Mich Dulce is on the hunt for justice. An unidentified American guy groped her butt while she was in Makati last night. She documented the after-ordeal on her Instagram account, as she video-recorded the exchange, where one can see the man acting like he did nothing wrong.

So this guy just groped my ass and I started to scream at him and he walked back and told me to my face that he was an American in the Philippines and that he could grab any ass he wanted. I couldn’t believe my ears. I started to film him after screaming at him for a while and he showed no remorse. I’m so pissed off at these entitled fucking assholes. Another white guy was watching the whole thing and said “that’s it? He should go to jail” . So there are still decent guys but fucking hell I hate these asshole sexpats This guy lives here. Let’s bust his fucking ass. If you know who he is it’s time to shame him and idiots like him.

A post shared by Mich Dulce (@michdulce) on Oct 13, 2017 at 9:40am PDT

See the way he’s rolling his eyes and how he mocks Mich as others help the designer confront the guy? That’s just classic misogyny which is just wrong on any level. He didn’t deny the allegation, he just insisted that she show him the video of him groping her. How arrogant. On top of groping Mich, the guy apparently said he had the “right” to do such things because he’s an American. He’s not only a misogynist, he’s also clearly drunk  on white privilege.

For now, Mich’s post is not only a warning and example of how to deal with these kinds of men. She’s also putting it as public as possible in search for the name of the guy so she can properly bring him to the authrorities.

In the Philippines, measures against sexual harrasment are covered by The Anti-Sexual Harrasment Act of 1995 and the Magna Carta for Women.

For any cases of violence against women (VAW), you may contact the following numbers:

1. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), (02) 931-8101 to 07.
2. Philippine National Police (PNP), (02) 723-0401 to 20.
3. DSWD-NCR Ugnayan Pag-Asa Crisis Prevention Center, (02) 734-8639, (02) 734-8654, (02) 734-8626 TO 27.
4. PNP-Women and Children Protection Center, (02) 410-3213.
5. NBI-Violence Against Women and Children Desk (VAWCD), (02) 523-8231 to 38, (02) 525-6028.


Photo courtesy of Mich Dulce’s Instagram account

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