October 05, 2017

Preen Tries: A Pizza-Cutter Eyeliner Tip? Gimmick or Genius?

Eyeliner. How to do it? How to perfect it? These are the questions that forever haunt anyone who dabbles into the beauty world, from beginners to experts. Some swear by a gel formula and an angled brush. Some resort to holding up a business card from the corner of the eye to the tip of their brows. Some like classic felt tips. Recently, MAC Cosmetics said a pizza cutter-like tip is the solution.

Since it was introduced, the MAC Rollerwheel Liquid Liner has been subject to several reviews. According to the website, it’s “an eye liner with a groundbreaking spinning disk applicator that acts like ‘training wheels’ for liquid lining.” It also says that it’s Allure’s Beauty Winner for 2017. Sounds intriguing, right?

You can only trust the reviews of others and the product description for so long. That’s why we went ahead and tried it for ourselves. We found that though the formula dries quickly, there are a few hiccups. Will it be a new staple in our makeup kits, though? Or is it just a novelty that would be fun to have if you can? Hit play and find out!

MAC Rollerwheel Liquid Liner, P1,050, available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source


Photos by Patrick Segovia
Video by Nicco Santos and Patrick Segovia

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