October 04, 2017

Jared Leto to Play Hugh Hefner in Upcoming Biopic

Barely a week after the passing of the Playboy founder, reports have surfaced that Hugh Hefner’s life will be made into a biopic starring Jared Leto.

Apprently, Jared was keen on getting the role. He told director Brett Ratner, “I want to play him. I want to understand him.” Apart from working on the biopic, Brett will also be working on reviving Hugh’s talk show Playboy After Dark.

It’s quite odd how a man who perpetuated sexist ideals and proliferated the porn industry is having no trouble getting a biopic. Think of how many notable women who have yet to get a film of their own. One can be hopeful that the film doesn’t become an homage to Hugh but a tough examination on how his view of women and sex is archaic and damaging.

[The Hollywood Reporter]


Photo courtesy of Jared Leto’s Instagram account

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