October 02, 2017

Up Your Flat Lay Game With Tips From Heart Evangelista

heart evangelista

As social media users, we’re always looking for ways to share content from selfies to shofies, there’s always something new. Flat lays aren’t particularly new but they are still a favorite execution for pictures posted on Instagram. Bloggers use this to share their makeup favorites and celebrities use them to show what they ate for brunch. Whatever the case, one person we look to for inspiration is Heart Evangelista. Looking at her flat lay photos, you’ll see the different techniques she uses to make them look good. Check out the tips and tricks below that you can use for your next post.

In Full Bloom

A post shared by Love Marie Ongpauco Escudero (@iamhearte) on Sep 12, 2017 at 10:45pm PDT

Spruce up your flat lay background with some flowers. They don’t always have to be colorful. In Heart’s case, she used white flowers in clear vases to add life to her photo. The green leaves also added some texture against the wooden table and colorful place mat.

Layers on Layers

Don’t limit yourself to one specific area like a table or the floor. In this photo, Heart used the marble table, which had candles, a cup of coffee, and sunglasses. However, she also used the patterned carpet as part of her photo wherein you can also see her red heels. This option gives you a lot of room to work with so you can let your creativity flow.

Pop of Color

Another way to make your flat lay more aesthetically pleasing is to add some color. Here, Heart really took advantage of the things she had to make her photo come to life. In the photo you can see pink flowers, green grapes, colorfully wrapped candy, bright red accessories, and even some fruits. For your own flat lay, be resourceful and see what you have around your house that you can use to fill in empty spaces.

Be Seen

Make your content more relatable by adding a part of yourself like how Heart is holding her cup in this picture. This also gives you a chance to include any jewelry you might be wearing in the photo. Here, Heart’s white and gold bracelets complemented her plates and place mat perfectly.

Work in Progress

A flat lay doesn’t always have to perfect and clean, you can share something that is still in progress. On IG, Heart posted a picture of a project she was working on. The table was scattered with sketches, pencils, prototypes. You can use this technique when you want to share something you’re working on as well.


Art by Lara Intong

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