September 30, 2017

Sharon Cuneta Is Not Having Star Magic’s Last-Minute Invite

The 25th Star Magic Ball is happening tonight and Sharon Cuneta isn’t happy about a few things. Particularly the fact that Star Magic allegedly invited her at the last minute.

This began when Sharon posted on Thursday that Star Magic didn’t send her an invite. But she took it lightheartedly, saying, “My invite probably got lost on its way to me? That’s okay. Too late to have a gown made now even if it arrives.”

Screengrab from Sharon Cuneta’s Instagram account

She even declined Martin Nievera’s offer to tag along with them.

Screengrab by

Screengrab by

A day later, Sharon received a last-minute invite and she had passive aggressive words for Star Magic: “Wish we could go, but I have nothing spectacular to wear and there obviously isn’t any more time. Sayang.” She also questioned why no one knew her address.

Screengrab from Sharon Cuneta’s Instagram account

Sharon’s angry post spree didn’t stop there. She admitted that she was “a bit hurt and quite insulted” by what happened. She also called out ABS-CBN for not putting her on the list and also reminded them that she became the Mega Star without their help. “Shawie must remember not everyone who says they love her, does. A lot do, but not everyone,” she added. (Ouch!)

Screengrab from Sharon Cuneta’s Instagram account

Sharon has since deleted the posts mentioned above. However, she posted a Finding Nemo screenshot that seemingly threw shade at Star Magic and ABS-CBN.

As of writing, both Star Magic and ABS-CBN have not released statements on the incident.

What do you think? Was it a simple mix-up or was Sharon really snubbed at this year’s Star Magic Ball? Nevertheless, there’s always next year. That’s enough time to gather her designer bags and jewelry.


Photo courtesy of Sharon Cuneta’s Instagram account

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