September 26, 2017

Rihanna May Be Coming Out with a Skincare Line


At this point, Rihanna could own your soul and you’d have no qualms about it. Two weeks after the launch of Fenty Beauty, fans are speculating that Rih has a skincare line in the works.

Allure sights that the speculation started when @MrMouthAlmighty tweeted out a photo for a trademark for “House of Fenty.”

The trademark is also seen on public domain Justia where one can access all trademarks filed. House of Fenty’s trademark form mentions “non-medicated skincare preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, and toners.” There is also a mention of “cleansers and peels; hand lotions, nail care preparations, artificial nails, nail polish, nail polish removers, nail treatment creams, temporary tattoos for use as cosmetics, shower gels, bath gel, perfume.” That’s one big haul!

But as the beauty publication points out, the trademark is dated 2014. It could then take a while until House of Fenty unveils itself to the public. Nevertheless, we the faithful to Rihanna, shall be waiting as we cop the latest Fenty Beauty in our new season Fenty x Puma creepers.



Photo courtesy of Rihanna’s Instagram account

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