September 08, 2017

A Letter to Juzel, the Flunkie of the Philippine News Agency

Dear Juzel,

We’ve all been there. Our errors splayed across the Internet like a politically incorrect meme. It must be tough not only to write stories upon stories only to find your editor wants it to be further revised. But now you have to deal with the fact that you forgot to delete said editorial notes, thus making headlines.

It’s okay, Juzel. Times are quite tough these days with a president who is turning a blind eye towards the killing of thousands, the stress of the LTFRB playing games with our ride-sharing services, and so on. Recently, we found refuge in Scarlet Snow Belo videos and Instagram posts. We also indulged on Kris Aquino’s fastfood favorites which she offered to author Kevin Kwan. Perhaps you can give it a try, the load may be lighter after.

Or maybe you can just find some comic relief in yourself. Laugh a little bit. If the world is laughing at you, join them. The joke can’t be on you if you too are partaking in the pleasure.

We checked out how the Philippine News Agency is currently under maintainance. You’re probably slaving away at your computer now, making this right. Or you are perhaps in front of your boss explaining how this could be.

We don’t know either, Juzel. All we know is that you will survive this and you will come out of it stronger than ever before. Look at Mar Roxas who is quite the travel blogger after losing his presidential bid or his wife Korina Sanchez who is proving that 52 is sexy. You will see yourself on the other side soon.

In the meantime…please delete all editorial notes before posting. Thanks.


Screengrab via Google

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