September 06, 2017

Why Joey Mead-King Wants to Go on More Spa Dates With Angelina Mead-King

During a gloomy Tuesday afternoon, Joey Mead-King made sure that she shared her bubbly attitude to everyone in the room. I always had the assumption that she’s a chill and energetic person based on her social media posts and The Kings. And she did show just that as she went around and mingled with guests at Tresemmé’s product launch. You’d almost think that she doesn’t have a lot on her plate as a model, host, brand endorser, wife, and pet momma.

How does she keep her energy up even after busy days? I had a quick chat with Joey, and found out her favorite de-stressing activities. Plus, how she keeps up with her many pets.

What do you do to de-stress after a long day?

I always think it’s vital to give yourself a treat for who you are and what you’ve accomplished that day. For me, I have several treats—either it’ll be my favorite meal, having a meal with a loved one, or maybe I treat myself to a cup of tea. Sometimes I treat myself to a piece of chocolate. A lot of them are internal nourishment.

What are your favorite treats?

Oh! I’m a big milk chocolate fan, but I’m pushing towards dark chocolate. [Particularly,] dark chocolate with some sea salt caramel. I like that. Also, a glass of red wine at the end of the day is lovely. Not a cup of tea because [red wine helps] bring your body down to slumber because I think that a lot of people forget that sleep is important to us. And you want to maximize at least six hours to recharge. It’s also important to simmer down your psyche throughout the day, no matter what’s happening.

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How about the beauty products you like to use while relaxing?

I’m really fond of having soap like turmeric or charcoal—closer to the ground, right? Sometimes a salt bath is very good because it invigorates you.

In the shower, I use a loofah to scrub because it’s a way of appreciating your body [for working hard all day.] It’s being thankful for what you have going on right now. And it only takes around two to three minutes.

On a regular day, how do you like to do your makeup and what products do you use?

I’m a five-minute girl! I’m fond of using moisturizer before putting concealer on my under eye or a zit. Then I powder, apply blush, brush my brows, and apply lip balm. I’m good to go. From the years of modeling, you already know the trade secrets of just covering up the flaw, and understanding powder and sheen because that picks up light. If you want to take a photo, people are more drawn to the light [hitting the face] or a lip color. You don’t need to add a lot. If you’re going out in the evening, just smoke it up!

Do you and Angie go on salon or spa dates?

I wish we had time to do that but I think it’s important. We were just in Hong Kong before she flew out for her race in Malaysia, and we made it a point to make this one day our pampering day. I found a spa that can do a couple massage, then I had to find someone else to do our facial. I’ve introduced her to the importance of taking care of yourself.

In your TLC feature, you often gave fashion and beauty tips to Angie. Do you still give her tips until now?

She knows her basics already, so her daily stuff is all her. I mean, her life [mostly consist of going to] the car shop. When she’s in the office, she steps up a notch. But when she’s at the car shop, super simple since she’s going to get greasy and dirty—maybe a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. When she’s going to the office, she wears her heels and pencil skirt. She’s already got that down pat.

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I only come in with a tweak or if there’s something that I want to introduce her to like a sleeveless top. [I do it] in small steps and it’s about getting her to be comfortable and feel safe with something new to her. I’m really proud that she’s got her own thing, but I’ll always have a little tweak. I can’t help myself.

When you travel, do you pack a lot or just pack lightly so you can shop for new clothes later?

I want to do that, but the problem is sometimes you go to countries with four seasons. If I’m going to a place when it’s winter, my suitcase is filled because I get so cold. So I’ll have my basic jackets. I try to have room [in my luggage] or my hand-carry so that if I find something really cool, I can bring it home.

I’m a practical packer—I’m the type who rolls my clothes. But I already know what I want. Like I have pieces that I want to enjoy like something from Charina Sarte or Rajo Laurel that’ll be perfect for LA. I just make sure that these are pieces that I can use at least three times. So I always have ways to pair them with sandals or cover it with a jacket.

Do you like bringing home little knickknacks from different countries?

I used to. For places like LA, I go there a lot and I’m familiar with it now so there’s no need to. If we’re going to Europe, yes there will be a knickknack. Like the small castle or horse figurines you see when you go to Cologne or Germany. When we went to Iceland, I got a small sheep because I love decorating our bathroom with them and see all the places we’ve traveled.

When did you start adopting your pets?

It was when I was in full-swing with my relationship where we had a home foundation and had the opportunity to have an animal. I guess that was 10 years ago. Now we have Noah, Leia, Happy, Hallie, Beamer, and Felix. This all just kind of happened. [Laughs] We’re blessed to have an opportunity to give them a home and we also have a home help who can take care of them. We don’t have human children so these are our children.

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Do you plan on adopting more?

Right now, we’re full-housed. We recently got Leia, who is a doberman—she was given to us. So we’re good now because I forgot what it was like having a puppy! Leia is chewing on everything! She’s potty-trained but all my furniture are starting to get eaten. Happy, who I adopted from Heart [Evangelista], is also young so they both exhaust each other. I’m glad that they have playmates. My older dogs like Beamer and Hallie are not amused. [Laughs]


Photo courtesy of Joey Mead-King’s Instagram account

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