September 06, 2017

Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi Have No Time for Your Parent-Shaming

Is it just me or does it feels like the consciousness over a celebrity family is growing thanks to social media? In this ever-curious culture, we always want to know what the other is doing and having a family doesn’t change it. Indeed, because raising kids and sharing a life with your spouse can be tricky, we look to these families for a clue.

Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi with daughter Amarah, fit right in that niche of a celebrity family. An actress since 2003, Cristine is a mainstay in various primetime shows and movies. Ali, on the other hand is a mixed martial artist but is also getting the limelight in mainstream media. But they don’t really possess the aura of being conscious of the attention. As they were named the ambassadors of Simply Shoes, they maintained an approachable aura and were still calm even if Amarah, who’s not used to the flashing lights and the people, was already in tears. How do they do it? We find out in this #PreenPopQuiz.

Who is the disciplinarian between the both of you when raising Amarah? 

AK: Cristine is the disciplinarian. I’m laid-back. She thinks of me as a playmate.

CR: I do the chores and everything.

AK: You really have to look at me when you say that? [Laughs]

Are you planning on having another child?

CR: Yes, but not right now.

AK: Maybe when Amarah is three or four years old.  She’s two years old and seven months now so that’s still soon.

Does being in the public eye add pressure to how you raise your kid and how you are as a family? 

AK: For me, I don’t let it get to my head. We just enjoy our time together. Some people think about how others raise their kid and that’s a heavy load. You won’t be able to enjoy and do things naturally.

Have you been mommy/daddy shamed? What do you think of these comments? 

CR: I haven’t really been mommy-shamed about a huge issue. Other people may masasabi but I let it slip. It’s not that important. They just see short videos or a picture but they don’t know anything.

AK: Being a celebrity or at least being known by a lot of people, you really can’t please everyone. Anything you do gets criticized so it’s useless to please them.

Which celebrity family do you admire? 

AK: Cristine watches those shows. I’ll let her answer this.

CR: I like the family of Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi. I also like Aga Muchlach and Charlene Gonzalez.

What do you not compromise when it comes to your skincare routine no matter how busy you get? 

CR: I share this with Ali: We really have to clean our faces. I really use the creams of Cathy Valencia. Eventually I will be coming up with my own skincare line.

How do you maintain your weight? 

CR: It’s surprising. I wasn’t like this before getting pregnant. I don’t know why I became this thin naturally. I do jiu jitsu with Ali.

Would you allow Amarah to enter showbiz?

AK: I think I want Amarah to focus on school first. I want her to finish her education. Showbiz is there. We won’t stop her from doing what she wants to do.

What has Amarah taught you about yourself? 

CR: Family is important. You should never take it for granted.

Do you miss life before having a family? 

CR: There was a time. But now the longing for family time is different and it feels [more significant.]

Where is your next family trip? 

CR: South America

AK: I want to go to Brazil and Australia.

One tip for traveling parents? 

CR: Don’t overpack.

AK: Yes. Don’t overpack. We just brought one suitcase for our last trip to Japan.


Photo courtesy of Cristine Reyes’ Instagram account

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