September 03, 2017

What to Consider When Availing a Diet Delivery Service?

A few years ago, we saw how diet delivery services sprouted up everywhere. Back then I thought it was just another fad that would die out. Boy, was I wrong.

From a low-carb, high protein program to just everyday meals for the busy citizen, these services have evolved to adapt to different customers. It’s now something to consider especially when you’re keen on cutting down on eating mindlessly, strapped for time, or simply just in need of a packed meal that will spare you of giving in to fast food.

My mom is a good example of how it can help ease life. Since she has a medical condition that limits her from cooking, the delivery service is something she looks forward to. It also eases my mind that she’s not missing a meal when I’m at work. It’s also something she looks forward to as she adjusted her day to wake up by 6 a.m. to be able to attend to the drop-off.

For weight watchers, a couple of services can offer specific diets that count your calories for you. A former boss limited herself to the meals she got so she’d stop with the junk food especially during the midday slump. Coupled with her exercise, it helped keep the pounds off. Since the meals were set and packed conveniently, she also ate on time, which was great for her metabolism.

The most obvious part is how it’s a dream for a person who can’t cook but doesn’t want to spend on eating out. It can be economical depending on your current situation as you can save up on cooking appliances, effort, time, and groceries. If your life is always on-the-go, the day’s worth of meals is easy to bring with you. You don’t have to wake up extra early to cook a meal.

Of course, there’s a downside to these things that one must keep in mind before signing up. One is how some services don’t deliver during holidays and weekends. It’s a bummer especially if you stay at home on these occasions. Since you tend to depend on it a lot, you tend to forget to make a grocery run. And you’ll find yourself in a scramble to pick up some food.

Another consideration is the price. Most food delivery services can be expensive. A month’s worth can be a little bit more than a regular flow of trips to the supermarket. The best way to go about it is to observe your monthly expenses on food. If the delivery service you’re considering amounts to less than your food-related expenses in a month, you could definitely go for it.

Since your diet is dependent on a menu set by the people behind the service, there might be some meals you won’t be in the mood for. If you’re an emotionally-picky eater (the one who says “I don’t know what I’m feeling for breakfast”) then you might want to observe how you like the feeling of someone else choosing your food for the day. Try to find a service that publishes their menu before hand or even let’s you pick what to eat in the week. Still, if you don’t trust your choices done in foresight, think about how you can go about the situation or if you’re willing to compromise.

You may also want to think twice if you have an erratic schedule. If you can’t commit to the same time for delivery, it might just add to your worry. Ask if your service can adapt to you or your daily situation.


Art by Lara Intong

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