July 15, 2017

‘Stand Together’: An Event That Advocates Gender Equality and Women Empowerment


Women empowerment can come in many forms. It can stem from self-love and appreciation for one another but it should also come from gender equality. Women need to understand that their voices should be heard and their actions can make a difference.

Bringing this mission to light is Woman, Create in partnership with A Space Mnl. Their event entitled “Stand Together,” comes with the call for HeForShe.org in the Philippines. This organization does not only talk about gender equality but achieves it by taking action through education, politics, and more.


Happening today from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at A Space Mnl, “Stand Together” will have talks with speakers from Grrrl Gang Manila and PLUMP to name a few. There will also be music performances by Roy Antonio, TheSunManager, Toni B., and Ja Quintana + ALPAS. Let your voice be heard as there will also be an open mic night at the event which you can register for here.


The entrance fee for “Stand Together” is P300 with proceeds being donated to HeForShe.org. There’s a lot more in store so drop by and #StandTogether for gender equality.


Photo courtesy of Woman, Create’s Instagram account

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