July 14, 2017

Nadine Lustre on the Travel Destination that Made Her Cry

The phrase “work hard, play hard” is quite applicable to someone like Nadine Lustre. As one of today’s favorite stars, you can see her every day. Scroll through your feed after you switch off your phone’s alarm and you’ll most likely see a news bit about her. On the way to your desk, you’ll see her face on the magazines on the coffee table. Flip on the TV at noon and she’s there. You get where I’m going with this one.

So to unwind, Nadine loves to travel as seen on her Instagram posts. Coupled with that, she says photography and music rank high on her hobbies list. “I like to post good moments even though they don’t exactly match the feed. I would rather share the memory than just have it on my phone,” she said at yesterday’s Sony press conference.

In our one-on-one interview, you then can’t blame if I just had to ask her about her travel savvy, hoping to pick up some tips and insights into what to do when I find myself on a plane again.

What’s always in your carry-on?

I actually like the Sony Extra Bass, [because it’s] wireless so it’s not hassle, my camera, perfume, and lip balm. Any brand for those because I used different brands per trip.

What are five fashion items you should always have on a trip?

White shirt, jeans, shades, a straw hat, and sneakers.

Favorite places you’ve been to?

Paris and Japan. In Paris, I told James [Reid] that I felt like I was in a movie because of the buildings and the details. I like Japan because I have always been into Japanese culture so the first time I was there, I was crying.

Konnichiwa! Suicide Blades – Mura Masa 🎶 #TravelwithAccess

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Craziest trip you’ve been on?

I went boat riding in Cebu recently with my friends.

What’s in your travel makeup bag?

Lipstick that’s nude, I like the stick form more than liquid. That plus moisturizer and then sunblock.

Travel mistake you learned the hard way?

Never drink [alcohol] on the plane, for me, at least. There was one time I had some champagne and I didn’t realize that the effect [up in the air] is stronger than here. [Laughs]

You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere.

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Music you love to listen to on a long drive?

I like house music and electropop.

Which celebrity would you want to be travel buddies with?

Rihanna. I have a feeling we would get along on any trip.


Photo courtesy of Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account

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