July 14, 2017

Kris Aquino Is Working on a New Project with Google

One of this year’s best surprises is Kris Aquino resurfacing from her short retirement as a social media content creator-slash-star. Never mind that she’s not with any TV network at the moment, because it looks like she’s found another medium she’s comfortable with—YouTube and Facebook.

Kris List, Kris Raves & Finds, and Heart to Heart with Kris are series of videos that feature Kris’ personal life and interests—it varies from hometown recipes with fashion designers (hello, Avel Bacudio!), phone photography, makeup kits, workout sessions with her kids, and even an extensive look into her vintage bag collection. Whatever it is, we’re hooked even if some of you don’t admit it.

This time around, she teased us with a project that she will work on with Google. She posted a video clip on Instagram with the caption, “I’m super energized to be partnering with you for something unique, personal, and family oriented.” She kept it tight-lipped when it comes to the production timeline and release of videos so I guess we just have to keep our eyes peeled.

Kris is definitely stepping up her content on social media with this partnership and news of her hiring an online editor. (I jokingly told my boss I’d apply for it.) She’s currently busy juggling various responsibilities as she’s currently on a business trip for Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby and recently shot a Hollywood movie in Singapore.

Congrats, Kris! You’re a true #GirlBoss.


Photo courtesy of Kris Aquino’s Instagram account

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