July 05, 2017

Craving for Mini Donuts? Here’s Where to Snack on Them

Our favorite desserts and snacks are always changing depending on what’s new in the market. Though, you have to admit that nothing beats the ones we ate as kids. Just like a bag of mini donuts.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can finish a dozen of them in one sitting. They’re easier to eat than regular donuts and just as tasty. Can’t say they’re lighter on the calories, but hey, we all deserve a cheat day.

The most important part: Where to buy these treats? We have a few places in mind.


Photo by Danica Condez for NoliSoli.ph

Have you ever dreamed of eating mini donuts with your favorite sweet dips? Overdoughs has your back. The donuts are fried until they’re golden brown and served in a paper cone with dips like dark chocolate, matcha white, and honey and cinnamon. They’re also perfect movie snacks if you don’t feel like eating popcorn or nachos. Available at Century City Mall.


This Tuesday, we CHOOSE to be colorful. And what a tasty choice it is. 🌈 #Jpops

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If you’re a fan of J.Co’s flavorful donuts, then you’ll love their J.Pops. These are basically the smaller version of the regular donuts which come in their popular flavors like green tea, avocado, Oreo, etc. Available at Greenbelt 3.

Tim Hortons

Near, far, wherever you are. #Timbits #TimHortonsPH

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We mentioned before how cute and sweet the TimBits are. Paired with Tim Horton’s brewed coffee, these are for snacking while you’re working or chilling in the café. Plus, the icing to sprinkle ratio on them is spot on. Available at Uptown Mall.

Mini Donut Factory

Photo courtesy of Mini Donut Factory’s Facebook page

Who grew up eating mini donuts dusted with white sugar? It’s a taste of nostalgia that Mini Donut Factory brings at their stall. You can also customize them with syrups (strawberry, caramel, and chocolate) and toppings (sprinkles, cookies, and choco kisses)—a sweet tooth’s dream. Available at Market! Market!

Flour Jar Manila

Hot and fresh mini handrolled doughnuts ✌

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We previously tried their hand-rolled donuts under their brand Dough Supply. But did you know that Flour Jar also makes hand-rolled mini donuts? If we were to guess, they have the same pillowy texture as their regular donuts. As of writing, it seems that they only sell ones dusted with powdered sugar. Here’s hoping that they come out with cream-filled ones. For inquiries, call or text (0917) 507-5124, or email flourjar@gmail.com.


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