July 05, 2017

Practice Yoga in the Comforts of Your Home with the NTC App

Our schedules are often so tight that we sometimes struggle to find time to go to the gym or a fitness studio just so we can clock in a workout. But with technology, we can now easily do our routine at home and that means no time (especially travel time) is put to waste.

The Nike+ Training Club (NTC) app now offers yoga workouts that cater to beginners to advanced athletes. This will now help us keep to our workout schedule sans the hassle. You can even do this while you’re out of town.

Just like the rest of the NTC workouts, the yoga routines that vary from 15 to 45 minutes are separated into three categories: NTC Yoga Mobility which is restorative yoga that helps you slow down and release tension from your muscles, NTC Yoga Endurance makes you sweat and helps you build stamina, and the NTC Yoga Strength focuses on holding your poses longer in order to strengthen your muscles.


You know you’re definitely in good hands because well-known trainers and yogis like Branden Collinsworth, Traci Copeland, and Leah Kim helped develop the routines with Nike. So I guess it feels like you have your own personal trainer in the room!

If you already have the app, just type in “yoga” and the workouts will pop up. Now this gives us no excuse not to bust our ass to get stronger. I’ll be updating my app today and so should you!


Photos courtesy of Nike 

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