July 02, 2017

The One Thing Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff Always Fight About

We can perhaps call Nico Bolzico an accidental star. Since marrying Solenn Heussaff, one of the most in-demand stars of the moment, he’s been a subject of curiosity. The fact he makes appearances in his wife’s vlogs and has copped a couple commercials also helps him to get better recognized.

But what really helps is his personality. From his accent to the way he just struggles to understand the many steps of makeup application, Nico is endearing. It’s not a put-on or an act. As he owned up to the spotlight yesterday as the new #SMMenDenim ambassador, he had to ask, “Where should I go?” unsure whether he will walk to the stage, giving everyone a laugh.

Shortly after his debut as a clothing model for SM, we snatched up the chance to have five minutes with Nico for a #PreenPopQuiz to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know. (Warning: Major cheesiness is coming your way!)

I’ve read that you used to be uncomfortable in front of the camera or onstage. How did you build up the confidence?

I am still not confident. I’m still nervous and shy. But I just think I have to do it and have fun. You have to have fun with what you do.

Did Solenn give you any advice for today’s show?

She gives me a lot of tips on what to do and how to do them, but I usually don’t follow them. Because when you are on stage you forget everything, you just go with what comes.

What’s one thing you and Solenn never agree on?

The side of the bed. I like to be closer to the door and she also likes to be closer to the door [because] in case there’s a fire, she can run.

So how did you compromise?

She’s always right.

Are you an Instagram husband?

If an Instagram husband means taking a picture of my wife and doing whatever she wants in order for her to look beautiful, yes I am.

You and Erwan Heussaff have been tagged in a bromance. What do you like about him the most?

I think Erwan is a great guy. He’s a great friend before a brother-in-law. We have many things in common like sports and we think the same way. He really does inspire me in everything that he does, it’s good to be with him.

Does Erwan give you advice on how to deal with Solenn?

Erwan just tells me always, “Good luck.”

How has married life changed you so far?

It’s like a step forward in life. It’s more serious. Things are more real now. Marriage didn’t change who we are and what we do, it’s just we took a step forward in a longer term union.

Would you ever pursue an acting career?

No. I just want people to laugh when they see me. I want to be a comedian.

What are your tips for a happy relationship?

Trust, space, and always make an effort every day. I said in my vows it’s not easy to be with someone for the longest time unless you make an effort every day to love each other. The honeymoon stage is two years. After two years, the person you are with is your partner in life. And every day you have to make an effort to love, help, and understand each other. And a lot of respect.

One thing men do that they don’t realize irritates their partner?

I think the problem with the guys is that we [don’t] listen more. If we pay attention to [what our partner] says, we understand. And also our job is to understand them even when they don’t speak. Even if they don’t say they are upset, they might be upset.

Are you and Solenn planning to have kids soon?

For sure we will have kids, I don’t know when. Not in the short-term future. We are still young. We want two to three kids but it’s her call.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for Solenn?

I did so many crazy things for Solenn, but [the craziest] is spending most of my savings on a ring.


Photo courtesy of Nico Bolzico’s Instagram account

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