June 22, 2017

Channel Your Inner Audrey Hepburn With a Statement Hat


When it comes to accessorizing your outfit, jewelry is usually the first one you’ll gravitate towards. If you’re looking for something new, experiment with hats. Give bucket hats and dad caps a rest and try something that might be out of your comfort zone. If you do some research or go to different shops, you’ll be surprised by the different type of hats available.

We’ve listed four that you can start out with if you’re not too comfortable with the idea just yet.



Considered formalwear for men in the 19th and 20th century, the boater hat is usually worn during the summer and is made of straw. However, who says women can’t wear this type of hat now? Add some edge to your basic outfit with a black boater hat. This straw one from will shield your eyes from the sun and keep your hair in place too. Available on Zalora.



Visors aren’t just for the dads who play golf. Recently, visors have been making a comeback. There are ones made of straw and ones made of colored plastic. If you want something more versatile, get a black one from Topshop that will match any outfit. You can even add embellishments like pins and patches for that personal touch. Available at SM Aura Premier.



Aside from its use in the military and among Parisian people, the beret is considered a chic piece of clothing. Usually made of wool, there are other versions you can try made of felt and some that are knitted. This pastel blue beret from Japanese brand Override is sure to add an elegant element to your outfit. Available online.


floppy hat

Big floppy hats are also a classic go-to when it comes to accessorizing an outfit. It can transform your look into boho chic like Vanessa Hudgens or you can use it to add a pop of color to your ensemble. A pink striped floppy hat from Zara might just be what you’re looking for. Available at Greenbelt 5.


Art by Anfernee Dy

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