June 20, 2017

So What’s the Difference of KKW Beauty from Kylie Cosmetics?

As a reluctant fan of the Kardashian-Jenner enterprise, I still semi-rolled my eyes when I found out Kim Kardashian-West is launching KKW Beauty. So, what’s this, every sister will eventually have a beauty line starting with a feature they are famous for? (Kim is the countour queen while Kylie’s lips are born out of lip injections.)

But Kim Kardashian-West, 36, wasn’t named one of the best by Forbes for nothing. She saw that even though Kylie Cosmetics is successful, there’s a different demographic out there which doesn’t need a lip kit or a coloful eyeshadow palette. Kim says that her line is something “geared a little bit more to my age.” KKW Beauty is more of a “complexion-geared hybrid makeup, with anti-aging components and less-splashy color palettes.”

The social media and reality TV star wants to cater to women her age and though the products from the line and Kylie Cosmetics might be similar, they won’t “overlap.” Kim even emphasized that they were “really cautious” of it.

Since we’re just hours away from her countouring and highlighting sticks dropping online, you better make sure you’re shelling out your coins for something you want. Kim says a concealer palette is up next and that KKW Beauty willl have a monthly release as they go. It’s definitely more relaxed and practical than Kylie Jenner’s line. So pick your poison.



Photo courtesy of Kim Kardashian-West’s Instagram account

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