June 19, 2017

Juliana Gomez Would Like to Thank Claudia Barretto for Her Drake Obsession

We live in a time wherein kids of local celebrities are slowly making a name for themselves. You saw it with young women like Kaila Estrada and Leila Alcasid, who are doing their own thing and not living in the shadow of their famous parents. Today, we now direct our attention on Juliana Gomez and Claudia Barretto.

Juliana and Claudia are best friends who study in the same high school and has done practically everything together since they were younger. During a painting workshop with Bench on Sunday, the two of them would joke around and ask each other what design best suited their denim jackets. They also laughed out loud as they posed for the quick photo shoot.

Their relationship is similar to a lot of best friends, regardless of their current popularity and well-known surnames. We got to know Juliana and Claudia better in a quick interview, and also saw how their friendship has grown after years of knowing each other.

What do you guys like to do together?

Juliana Gomez: We like to eat together.

Claudia Barretto: I sleep over at her house every now and then, and we watch movies and concerts together. And just getting ready for anything.

JG: Yeah, [getting ready] is our form of bonding.

What genre of movies do you like watching?

CB: Usually rom-coms.

JG: Anything light. [Our favorite is] Love, Actually.

What’s the most memorable concert you’ve gone to?

CB: Actually, it was a musical play, Matilda, and [we watched it] together in London.

JG: It was so cool!

CB: Our families were there at the same time, and they allowed us to go around London by ourselves. So that was super memorable for us because, then, we were only 13 or 14.

JG: We felt so free, even if it’s just as simple as walking around London. It was something that was really unforgettable.

Do you consult each other when it comes to your outfits?

JG: We consult each other about everything.

CB: Yeah! When we’re not getting ready together, we send each other photos of our clothes. But we have very different styles, it just so happens that we know what each other’s trying to achieve, so that’s helpful.

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Do you also suggest makeup and skincare products to each other?

JG: Always!

CB: Actually, I was at her house yesterday and I was telling her to buy [me] whatever she’s buying because I really like her products. She has really good makeup products which she doesn’t use.

JG: And I guess we have the same skin type. Like, it’s not necessarily dry so [that’s why] we use the same products.

What’s something that you influenced each other to get into?

JG: I think it’s mostly [music-related.] I will forever be grateful to Claudia because without her I wouldn’t have listened to Drake and other R&B artists.

CB: [Laughs] Well, for me, because we’ve always been into sports and joined the school varsity football and volleyball teams, we always stay active. We also work out together.

Would you star in a TV show or movie where you play as best friends?

CB: That would be awesome! Right now, I always say that I’m focusing on my music because I just started a singing career. But I never say never. If the acting job does come up, I’ll still consider it, and it would be so much better if it was with someone I was comfortable with like Juliana.

How about if it’s a show or movie where you’re rivals?

JG: I think that would be even more fun!

CB: Yeah! We get along too much sometimes. [Laughs]

JG: And of course, sometimes we fight. [Laughs]

Who will play the antagonist between the two of you?

CB: Me! [Laughs]

JG: Claui, for sure. I’ll probably be the good one.

Do you have a favorite song that you love jamming out to?

Both: “City of Dreams” by Alesso!

CB: Because that was when we started watching EDM concerts back when it was such a big thing.

JG: Yeah, and nobody knew who we were yet. We kind of just wanted to act cool. [Laughs]

Who’s most likely to…

Be impatient while waiting for someone?

JG: We have a similar understanding, but I’m more patient. [Laughs]

CB: I tolerate people more, but I’m more impatient at the same time.

JG: But she’s more understanding.

CB: With just the way I see people, I’m very patient with how they are as a person. But waiting for things like someone being late to a dinner that I invited them to, that’s what makes me impatient.

JG: Me, I’m just overall patient [even when someone’s late.] Especially with Claudia.

CB: Yeah, because I’m hard to be with sometimes. [Laughs]

Fangirl over a celebrity?

CB: Both of us! Since we were like 11 or 12, we would fangirl over One Direction. That definitely started our fangirl stage.

JG: We’ve been like that ever since.

CB: Until now, with people who are super cool like Rihanna.

dream come trueeee

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Prank someone?

JG: Me.

CB: I’m not that clever. [She hasn’t pranked me,] but that’s something we like to do together.

Go on a shopping spree?

JG: Claui.

CB: I like online shopping! [But my favorite site] is a secret! I can’t let the world know.

Take lots of selfies?

JG: Claui.

CB: No, I don’t take selfies. The only selfies we take are the ones on Snapchat.

JG: Oh yeah. We do it just for fun.

CB: The ones you see on our Instagram accounts are usually just behind the scenes of magazine shoots. It’s never on a daily basis.


Photo courtesy of Claudia Barretto’s Instagram account

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