June 18, 2017

WATCH: Janno Gibbs and Chi Gibbs Play a Guessing Game for Father’s Day

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For Father’s Day, we caught up with singer-songwriter Janno Gibbs and his daughter (resident Preen girl) Chi Gibbs. The rules are simple, we get to know them through an interview and at the same time we ask them to play a guessing game of “What’s in Your Mouth?”

“There’s nothing gross, right?” asks Chi as we met her in our office. We assured her that the items were things they’d regularly find. “Nothing gross, promise.” We had random items like yogurt-flavored almonds, raisins, mango-pineapple balls (that actually tasted like tamarind balls), gummy worms, a glass of iced salted lime juice from our fave Vietnamese stall near the office, to even funky-smelling items like salt & vinegar potato chips.

Now are you curious to see who won and how their father-daughter dynamics work? Watch the video below.

Happy Father’s Day to Janno and all the amazing fathers out there!



Video by Patrick Segovia and Niccolo Santos
Produced by Jacque De Borja
Assisted by Jackie Arias and Olivia Estrada
Interns: Anna Cayco, Ching Balina, Anfernee Dy, and Jill Fernandez

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