June 13, 2017

Here’s How to Solve Every Eyebrow Sitch You’re In

No two eyebrows are the same. Some of us are gifted with full, bushy ones. Others go everywhere and need serious taming. Some are shy and thin, as if they’re stuck in some era. While there are those who don’t have an arch. No shading here, though… except for the sparse areas of brows.

So what’s your eyebrow situation? Once you figured that out, pick the products out to get the shape and thickness you want. If you’re confused between pomade, pencil, tint, and gel, we’ve come up with a simple guide.

Eyebrow Sitch: Full but unruly
Solution: Glossier Boy Brow. Available online.

A cult favorite among beauty junkies (See: Martine Cajucom’s makeup stash), the product deposits gel to keep your brows in place without getting “crunchy.” You can also choose from clear to colored versions (brown, black, and blonde) to fill in some blank spots.

Eyebrow Sitch: Thin but with an arch
Solution: Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade. Available at The SM Store, Makati.

The crayon-like tip of this product makes it easy to deposit product in one stroke, and even to the shape that you want. It also doesn’t go on too dark so no worries if you don’t trust your eyebrow skills yet.

Eyebrow Sitch: Half brow
Solution: Happy Skin Eye Love You Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo. Available at Glorietta 3.

Taking after Pia Wurtzbach who believes that giving dimension to the eyebrow gives it that full look, you can cheat your way with this duo-ended product. Create feathery strokes with the pencil tip to create your desired outline then fill it in with the marker end.

Eyebrow Sitch: Too light
Solution: K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint. Available at The SM Store, North EDSA.

Paint this on your brows (you can use a stencil if you want) with a light hand. Let it dry and then peel off. It will tint your brows for a up to seven days.

Eyebrow Sitch: Thin but straight
Solution: Benefit Ka-Brow. Available at Greenbelt 5.

I love this product as the brush comes built into its cap. Since the brush is small, you can have full control when drawing on the brows you want to the shape you feel best suits your face shape.


Art by Dorothy Guya

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